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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Richard Benson

Richard Benson Studied Art at Benedictine College in Atchison Kansas, In one building I was taught what I call old style painting,

In another building I was taught the Impressionist Style of art, So between the two I got the best of both worlds.
I also play music as a compliment to being an Artist, this is how I came to love to paint, I started Oils then Acrylics, The acrylics lead me to Watercolors. Was also trained in clay,stone and woods media.

I like, many others became lost while attending my first year in college, it was suggested to take some Art Classes, loved it ever since.

My mentor advised me on two courses of action when I graduated ,work in the field as an artist or pursue something else in life, I did something else. He also commented some artist will fall back on their Art later on in life.A life changing event led my back to Watercolors.

I would like to mention I am disabled, my diabetes is out of control, and has caused certain limitations, so I was blessed to have this passion to paint and grow each day.

So what was said to me 37 years ago came true.

I haven't painted since the late 1970's a little in the 80's for a two week period of 13 paintings.

The paintings listed here all have been done since April of 2013..

I have now found a peace of mind resuming this lost passion.

I really don't have a real answer why I never continued to paint.but I guess God had a plan and fortunately it given the strength to move forward.
Music and Art go hand in hand for me., they feed off each other.

By picking up and dusting off some of my old packed away instrument's it opened up a gateway to paint again.

I have a strong passion for Watercolors.

Also Love to paint Acrylics.

Currently residing in Winston Salem NC.

If you are interested I do commissions, I do Landscapes (my passion) but I do Portraits and Pets. Contact me on this web site,

When I do commission work I work up the sketch,

I gain your approval,

Then I submit the completed painting for your approval.

Then arrange for the completion of commission.

The majority of the painting here are framed , some are not, so the costs can fluctuate, I show a lot of my paintings and they are frame in a neutral manner.

I have Artwork (Watercolor Paintings) on display at a local frame shop where you can view my paintings, also they do great work. Frame IT in Winston Salem NC.

The owners not only do great work but they have Local Artist of the Month Show where the Artist may use their front display Window to display their work,

I have usually about 20 Watercolors framed so I can be ready for a show. immediately, so as a Artist I need quality work for which I have to count on, sometimes in a moments notice.

If you to purchase a painting either from there or buy one locally tell Jill or Patrick (Frame IT) it is one of mine and they will take a percentage off as they complete your order. I have had clients take my work elsewhere do not get the attention and quality they offer. Just take my work to the FrameIT and come away very pleased and satisfied .

I have listed their address and phone number.

Frame It
Sherwood Plaza
3328 Robinhood Rd Winston Salem, NC 27106

I would love feed back because it is the only I can learn and hopefully improve.

Posted by Richard Benson at 12:55 PM